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2015 Recipients - President's Volunteer Service Award

To further our goal of promoting volunteerism and service in our communities, the United America Pageant is now a certifying organization for The President’s Volunteer Service Award.

All United America and Petite United America Pageant local, state and national contestants, reigning queens and former queens are eligible to register for this award through United America’s page on the PVSA website.

We encourage everyone to use the site to track their community service time and activities. Many of our contestants and queens will earn this award and be recognized at our 2015 national pageant. Recognition levels start at 50 hours per year (age 14 and under), 100 hours per year (15 and older), and 200 hours per year for groups.

United America Queens and Contestants should create an account at to begin tracking their hours. Contact us at after your account is created.

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At our 2015 pageant, sixteen participants received these awards. A combined total of over 5,000 service hours were contributed by these sixteen award recipients.

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Community Service is now one of the competition categories in which our contestants are scored.Read on for more details and answers to frequently asked questions about this competition.

General Instructions for Contestants

1. Create a Word document that is a minimum of one and a maximum of three pages.

2. Place your name and title at the top of each page.

3. The content of these pages can include any or all of the following

  • A list of your community service activities 

  • A resume style page referring to various volunteer roles you have filled

  • Total hours spent on various community service activities

  • Awards or recognition you have received.

  • An essay or short paragraph about what community service means to you or about your involvement with one or more particular groups

  • One or more photos of you participating in various community service activities

  • Anything else you can think of that demonstrates your commitment to community serviceThink of this as if it were going to be used to encourage people to get involved in community service. You should be creative and enthusiastic in your presentation.

Which activities count?

  • Volunteer work is UNPAID work that is done outside of any requirements for your job or school program. It should be your own time that is contributed, outside of school and work hours. Every type of community service activitiy counts - whether or not it was done as a United America appearance. (This applies to your community service entry into the pageant as well as the President's Volunteer Service Awards.)

  • Financial support does not equate to volunteer hours, but you can count hours that you spend doing fundraising activities.

  • You can include information about activities that occurred within the past two years, but no further back than that.

Does presentation count?

Yes. Please be careful of spelling and grammar. Make your page look as nice and appealing as you can.

What if I don't have Microsoft Word or don't know how to use it? 

You are allowed to have someone help you create and format this document in Microsoft Word. 

If you don't know anyone who can help you:  In order to maintain fairness and impartiality, we want to avoid having anyone involved with the pageant to help you with this. However, if you are not able to find anyone to help you, we will locate someone who can assist you. 

How will this be judged?
The judges will give each contestant a score for her submission based on their overall impression of the pages. Some things the judges may consider are:

  • Based on the information on the pages, how committed is the contestant to being active in her community?
  • After seeing these pages, how likely would someone be to want to get involved in community service?
  • How creative or interesting are the pages?
  • Is the information accurate (spelling and grammar), neat, and organized?