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Last updated: 02/2018
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All contestants must meet the following qualifications and must accept these rules as stated prior to approval as a contestant.

Residency:  All contestants must be U.S. citizens and must reside in the United States. While we do have a qualifying state pageants, at-large delegates are welcome from all 50 states.

Some states may be represented by more than one contestant. State and local titles are issue on a first-come, first-served basis. At-large contestants may represent any available state; residency in that state is not required.

Gender/marital status/age:  All contestants should be female. Mrs. contestants must be married a minimum of one month prior to pageant date, and must be residing with spouse, with exceptions only for those whose husbands are deployed military.

Contestants must compete in the appropriate division, as follows: 

Little Miss - 5-8 years

Jr. Teen - 9-13 years
Teen - 14-19 years 
(single, never married)

Miss - 19-27 years (single, never married) 
Ms. - 23 years & up (any marital status)

Lady - 30-50 years (any marital status)

Ms. Elite - 40 & up (any marital status)
Mrs. - 21 & up (married)
Petite - 19 and up, any marital status, 5’6” or shorter

Royal - see Royal requirements to enter on Royal United America Page

​Each division must have a minimum of two contestants in order for a title and prizes to be awarded. Option to secure title is available if there are not enough delegates in a division to compete. See director for details.

Contestants may compete in multiple divisions concurrently, if eligible. Former national queens may compete in a different division, or may compete in the same division after a waiting period of at least one year.

Conduct: Contestants must be of the highest moral character. Contestant must never have been convicted of a felony crime. Contestant must not currently, and will not during her reign, pose for any provocative photography, video, or film or any associated with full or partial nudity. Contestant is not and has never been associated with or employed in any adult-content centered businesses including pornography, prostitution, or any business that involves partial or complete nudity.

If the contestant has at any time participated in any personal or professional photography or recorded video/film involving full, partial, or implied nudity, the director must be notified in advance of the contestant’s participation. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Obligations:  Winners are expected to represent the United America Pageant for a full year. All winners are expected to return to crown their successors.  Any exceptions to this must be reviewed by the director in advance, and may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If Contestant fails to fulfill her obligations as set forth above, or relinquishes, for any reason, her title given to her, all prizes must be returned in condition received. 

Judges Decisions:  All judges’ decisions are final.  

Fees: Please note that all sponsorship payments and fees are not refundable. 

All program book ad sales are at the discretion of the contestant; no ad sales are required for the pageant but discounts may be offered if you do have ad sales. State requirements are at the discretion of the state director.
Application:  Submitting an online or paper application constitutes agreement with the rules as stated on this page.

These rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.
We reserve the right to make said changes at our discretion.