Little Miss

United America

Caelyn Brown

Ms. United America Royal

Michelle Field

Ms. Lady 

United America

Shaune Stauffer

Ms. United America Elite

Robin Moore

Ms. Petite 

United America

Jacqueline Elliott

Ms. United America

Edrienne Edwards

Miss Teen

United America

Rachel Epperson

Mrs. United America

LeTecia Cunningham

Miss United America

Easter-Lily Smith

Jr. Teen 

United America

Samantha Lopez

2017 United America Queens

Vanessa Sikorski
Kelina Phifer
Billye Fietz
Kathy Lauer
Kym Jackson

Most Photogenic – Sarah Dykman

Kristina Rowe Award for Pageant Volunteerism 
– Dominique LaRue

Pageantry Spirit Award – Crystal White & Parlisha Watts-Andrews

People’s Choice – Shirley Holloway

Talent – Lená Hardy

Ms. Congeniality – Carla Messer

Director's Award - Gaenor Thompson, Sarah Dykman

2015 Special Award Winners

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​​United America Queens 

Through the Years

Lifetime Queen - Michelle Wegner

Grand Queen - Belinda Todd

United America and ​Petite United America Ambassadors

Deb Morton

Carolyn Ladd

Cynthia Trinidad

Ariel Talen-Keller

Kristina Rowe

Patti Barbato

Jennifer Luna

Lifetime Queen and Ambassadors

Forever Queens (Titles Retired from the system)

The following United America Titles have been retired and remain with the final titleholder forever.

Miss Teen Petite United America - Kirby Kubelka
Mrs. Petite United America - Jacqi Leya Hill
Ms. Petite United America Lady - Catherine Barbieri
Ms. Petite United America Classic - Donna DeLaney Reeves
Ms. United America Lady - Alexandra Hicks
Ms. United America Classic - Carolyn Ladd
Ms. United America Woman - LeTecia Cunningham

Ms. United America Woman - Rachel Ratliff